Operation Installation

October 6, 2008

I am knee-deep in the installation process right now and really am far too buys to even update this blog, but I hate to let my loyal readers down. All 10 of you.

Essentially we have about one week to wrap this all up and the exhibition space is filled with workers; power tools, ladders, installation mounts, bases, stands, you name it…oh, and extremely valuable and luxurious objects.

We’re racing to have every diamond, every egg, every clock in place in time for our series of fabulous opening events. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to stand back with a cocktail in my hand and let the show go on.

We began installing the objects back on September 9 and have been going full steam ahead ever since. There’s the building and installation of cases, alarms, painting, applying labels and text panels to the walls, setting up the exhibition store, hang the lighting, pick up the dry-cleaning…you get the point.

Well, I’m being summoned. Time to install yet another piece of Tiffany jewelry, be jealous.



  • Watch me install a piece of jewelry on my vlog at WKYC.
  • Get free tickets to Artistic Luxury by becoing a member of CMA.


2 Responses to “Operation Installation”

  1. Annemiek Wintraecken said

    Ho, at least all 11! Watching you from The Netherlands and hope to visit the Exhibition in the coming months.

    Looks absolutely fantastic and I love your contributions to the www!



  2. Greg said

    Hi Stephen. We’ve been following your blog and videos with great interest, and want to congratulate you on a wonderful assemblage of fabulous objects. Obviously, we (and our readers) are most interested in the RLalique items, but the overall concept is unique and appealing and we are thrilled to see one of the great museums of the Western World put on such a tribute to these great artisans.

    Take care, and our best wishes for continued success,


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