Top 10 Reason for Men to see Artistic Luxury

November 13, 2008

This show is not just for women, contrary to popular belief.

I give you the Top 10 Reasons for Men to see Artistic Luxury:

10. Really, it’s just a rock collection.

9. Most everything is in a case, meaning you more than likely can’t break anything.

8. You’ll score points with the ladies.

7. It’s cheaper than taking your wife or girlfriend to a fancy dinner.

6. The exhibition highlights the rivalry between designers – pretend the designers are sports teams and root for your favorite.

5. LeBron, Jay-Z, Kanye…they all wear bling.

4. Impress a date – come by yourself and do the audio tour, then come back with a date and impress the heck out of her.

3. Take solace in the fact that your wife/girlfriend can’t ask for these items for Christmas, they’re one-of-a-kind. But do be prepared to shop for knock-offs – visit the CMA store.

2. Take your wife/girlfriend to Artistic Luxury on Saturday and maybe she’ll let you watch the Browns on Sunday, undisturbed.

1. You can put that “I’m so bored and was dragged here by my wife/girlfriend look” on your face and I won’t be offended, I know you secretly love it.




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